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Guest reception

We take care of the check-in and check-out of your tenants during office hours. After office hours, they can use our key boxes, after which someone will come by at an agreed time to explain the property.

A short explanation of your property is given, the electricity meters are read, the property description is signed and the keys are handed over to the tenant.

xYou will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail via the app when checking in or out. The tenant will also have to pay the cleaning fee at this time.

When you check out, the meter will be read again. These meter readings will be forwarded to you again via the app.

Depending on the time of check-out, the keys can be handed in or left in a drop box at the office.

With the contract you will also receive a document with which you can give us the details of the tenants. Please fill it in and send it to us as soon as possible.

In- and out check tenants + handing over of keys

24/24h key service via drop box, meter reading on rental

Opname meterstanden bij verhuur