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Key management

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Key management

With our Home Care formulas below, we take care of you.

*only for non-renters
**Price depends on type of house


€ 21/MONTH*

Check-up twice a month

  • Thorough inspection of the locks and any alarms
  • Operation of shutters and awnings
  • Pests and pest control
  • Water and electricity
  • Checking and following up on any damage
  • Flushing siphons and toilets
  • Ventilating the house
  • Extra control in case of storm
  • Watering plants indoors or on the terrace
  • Collection of key from office for work or supplier
  • Photo report of the inspection by e-mail
  • SOS in case of lock-out
  • Collecting the mail


€ 29/MONTH

Check-up twice a month


  • In/out-check tenants + handing over of keys
  • 24h/24h key service via dropbox
  • Meter reading after letting
  • Damage inventory tracking + possible follow-up on request
  • Collecting mail and forwarding it if necessary
  • Cleaning service + linen**
  • Breakfast service (3 formulas)
  • Welcome package service
  • Children's package service


€ 38/MONTH

4x per month check-up



  • Quotation service
  • SOS defective devices
  • 2x/year shopping service worth €25/trip excluding purchase of groceries
  • Repair service
  • Handyman service
  • Maintenance service